4 Steps To Having Your Own Affiliate Product

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It’s one thing to have your own product, it’s quite another having a product that’s actually in demand. Now product demand is determined by first studying your niche, and establish a common need. You want to know what your audience want, and then offer them a solution (One that actually works) and they will love you for it.

Remember that we were all beginners at something once, and out there is someone struggling to do what you have already mastered. Regardless of how insignificant you may consider your knowledge to be, that knowledge is the key to not only launching your own product but also become an Influencer.

The Profitable Niche You Must Establish – This is where you determine direction, which is so much more important than speed. The majority (Over 95%) of newbie affiliate marketers are going nowhere, fast. It is also important that you base this decision on something you love doing and cannot get enough off.

Mine is writing (Does it show?) and Blogging, and there’s an elastic relationship with my PC as it becomes increasingly difficult to walk past without turning it on just “Quickly”. Because it’s never quickly, trust me I can grow roots in front of my pc and I guess that’s the kind of fascination that resulted in success.

You really need to take some time and make a good choice here, and this is something no “Guru” can do FOR you, this is a solo flight if you want to succeed. But, there is a twist or rather flip side to the Profitable Niche decision coin. Sometimes (As in my case) you stumble over something that fascinates you, but you are not familiar with it at all.

That’s the LONG way around, but so much more exciting where you must learn everything from scratch, so to speak. My personal greatest challenge was not only choosing a niche I knew nothing about, but also the most challenging with the highest competition. Taking this route means you must learn as much as you possibly can, of an ocean of knowledge to which there are no final destination.

Remember, the key to success is finding something you Love doing, because then it will be impossible to give up…just a thought.

How To Discover A Common Need – And I think the answer is pretty basic and logical, start engaging audiences within your niche. But this does not mean flooding every social platform on the planet with a Tsunami of random affiliate links. Your goal is to focus on a need, not a sale because when your method and content are professional then you will never have to sales pitch again…ever.

Objective Affiliate Marketing

There are various ways of discovering a common need, but it all comes down to content and engagement. You want to join discussions on your niche in forums and on blogs, even Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Communities. Don’t forget about Google+, and YouTube. The “trick” is to find the right sites to join discussions, and in another post I share a simple free research method called 2 Simple Research Tactics for Exponential Visitor Conversion at No Cost

By now I’m sure you can see why successful affiliate marketing takes time, it’s an interesting science that requires a lot of research. Get into commenting, reading relevant posts and joining relevant groups and communities. That is how you also learn because there is no teacher like yourself, and with the right mind-set you will be unstoppable. Regardless of your niche, just engage the relevant audiences and you will soon pick up on a certain trending need.

Building Reputation – Goes hand in hand with discovering a common need, you must prove to your audience that you can in fact teach them something. Or share with them the information they need and cannot find elsewhere on the internet. Knowledge is the only way to stand out among an insanely large group of online affiliate marketers.

You’re going to have to actually solve a few problems you claiming you can. If you want to get recognised as a professional, then you have to act, speak and respond professionally. When you do reach this point of getting recognised, it’s important to stay humble. Too much ego will spoil your talent and destroy your demand.

Great sites to leverage for reputation are sites like Medium, Webmaster Sun, Shout Me Loud, and Entrepreneur Fix. These are just a few, do use the method I share through the link I shared to the other post.

Keep it real, be original and always build your knowledge through personal research. This is how to “Assemble” your own product on the internet. Like with any form of success, knowledge is the key and you must embrace that.

Now the most common favourite among professionals is writing eBooks. But there are options for membership sites where you sell memberships, and can even move to a monthly paid option where you share exclusive monthly updates.

There are options like ClickBank, ClickSure, Bookrix, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and many more ways to get your product out there.

There are hundreds of options, and if you’re just getting started I strongly urge something like an eBook. Remember to offer your audience something they cannot find anywhere else on the internet, you will be surprised what this can do to actual sales conversion in the end.

Don’t make your product and promotional campaigns too “Unbelievable”, be realistic but more importantly, be honest with your audience. Don’t go download impressive sales screenshots from Google and then share it as “Your Own Sales” figures, this will destroy your reputation before you even got started.

The Last Step – Test drive your creation by offering free copies/memberships and ask your audience for their opinion. Get your work noticed, and have audiences confirm your claims that it is in fact what they have been looking for and it did in fact satisfy a certain (Recognized) need or preferably solved a problem.

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You don’t have to be a “Guru” or Online “Wizard” to have your own product as an affiliate marketer. You only have to work on something that a particular audience will appreciate. Word of mouth is the best way to ultimate exposure and will always remain the king of exposure.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

Deon Christie

Successful Affiliate Marketer and Professional Blogger with an advanced love for and knowledge of WordPress and Google. Published Author and Expert Writer of several eBooks and Articles. Social Networking and Email List Building Fanatic.

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