Affiliate Links Web Forms And Your Sub-Domain

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As we have briefly discussed link cloaking and keyword research in previous posts, let’s take a look at sub domains. Now a sub domain is like an extension of your primary domain, and with the right keyword leveraging you will be surprised at the results. But first, you must know the difference between a Primary and a Sub Domain.

What is a Primary Domain? – The Primary domain can be recognized as a “One Word” or phrase either preceded or followed by certain characters. It normally comes right after the http:// which is often followed by www. (And Then The Primary Domain) .com.

What is a Sub Domain? – As mentioned before, it’s kind of like an extention. Where you have the http:// whether or not followed by the www. and then the sub domain separated from the Primary Domain by a Dot or full stop. As you can see in your browser, this particular post is on the Primary Domain Blog (Which has 25 Sub Domains) But, here’s the “Trick” and it’s called Keywords.

When you do use sub domains, then research keywords relevant to the niche of the Primary Domain. As example, in one of my Sub Domains I’m using the keyword “Jobs”. Now as you can see, the Primary Domain is within the Internet Marketing Niche. So, “Jobs” is a perfect fit because making money online may prove more profitable to someone that has more time at their disposal. Like someone looking for a job…? Just a thought… Coincidentally, the keyword “Jobs” get searched 2,740,000 times per Month on Google…and…get this. It also has a Medium Competition!

You can view the Blog And Sub Domain “Jobs”, to get a better idea. You will notice the content, relevant to working from home. Sub Domains are a great way to get more exposure to your web forms and affiliate offers, because having an email list is just as important as having a Blog. If you’re going to make some real money online, that is…

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Deon Christie

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