Are Your Comments Getting The S.E.O Boot?

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When you decide to comment on a certain site, your Primary Purpose is to end up getting some Targeted Traffic Yourself. But, let me guess…you’ve been commenting for months with absolutely No Results, right? Well there’s a little more to just commenting, because commenting must be used as a means of Getting recognized as a Professional. You have to pay attention to three key points when commenting.

First, what is the Niche of the Blog and/or site you wish to join the conversation on. This is very important because any Professional Webmaster will simply delete your comment when the content has no relevance and will interfere with the site’s ranking. You are joining a conversation, and trying to sell dieting products on an Internet Marketing site and/or Blog will complete defeat your entire effort. Be specific and relevant to the Niche and the Web Master will welcome and approve your comment.

The “Name” section on the Comment Window – Never enter a URL in the name section, always enter your name because there are way too many spam robots out there and a URL is not a name. You want to Brand Your Name, Not your site and/or Affiliate Offer. You Must build credibility with an audience, if they’re going to buy from you or even visit your site then desperate attempts at a sale will leave you sadly disappointed.

The “Email” section on the Comment Window – Preferably your own email, and not that of any other entity. When your comment inspires interest, then people will mail you because they found your comment relevant and believe you may have a solution to a certain problem.

The “Website”section on the Comment Window – Now here is where it gets interesting. When your website is not within the niche and you really want to leave a compliment then what do you do? You have a social profile…right? Like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, and the list goes on. Then you want to share one of your Social Profile URLs, and when you get visitors responding on your comment they will land on your social profile and most likely follow you. If you’re going to want to share any form of Affiliate Link then cloaking is crucial. It is also advised to rather share a link to your own personal Blog, Website or even Group rather than any affiliate link. It’s just much more professional, and the same goes for social posting. When you have an uncomfortably long URL, then you want to use a link shortening and cloaking Plugin like Pretty Link. What this does is it links a Social Profile URL, and Affiliate URL or any URL you wish to your Site Domain.

Allow me to use an example by not posting this link as a Hyper Link – – Now this particular link redirects to the best S.E.O Training I have seen on the Internet, it literally Dwarfs its competitors. Now you can see this Blog URL followed by forward slash, and the abbreviation I used to identify the product for my own tracking purpose. Once again, pointed out the importance of link cloaking.

The “Comment” section on the Comment Window – First and most importantly you Preferably Never Share Any Link here, your link must only be in your “Website” section. The only instance when a link get shared in a comment section, is when the site owner and/or webmaster answers a question for instance and offer the visitor a tool and/or solution. Remember, the comment section is not a sales page. You never sales pitch a comment, rather share a compliment relevant to the content you are commenting on.

Follow these simple steps, and get much more from your commenting efforts to Website traffic.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie

Deon Christie

Successful Affiliate Marketer and Professional Blogger with an advanced love for and knowledge of WordPress and Google. Published Author and Expert Writer of several eBooks and Articles. Social Networking and Email List Building Fanatic.

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