Benefits And Options of Link Cloaking

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Link Cloaking is a tactic used by all professional affiliate marketers, and one of the Options is to shorten your link. When you want to shorten a link like your own social profile, your own blog or personal domain then you can use Google URL Shortener which is Another Free tool Google gives you. But don’t share any affiliate links on this site, your links will get blocked by Google. Cloaking Affiliate Links require some finer knowledge and experience, but we’ll get to that. This tool works well when you get to registering your sub-domains, sometimes the URL tend to get a little too much. You don’t want your URL to take up most of your post space.

Cloaking Affiliate Links – Cloaking affiliate links are best done by means of plugins on your blog and/or website, but when you just get started you may not have your own blog and/or website yet. It comes highly recommended that plugins be installed and activated by professional web masters. When you just get started with link cloaking, you may want to take a look at Buffer. But don’t flood the tool with random links, be specific. Research the products you wish to promote, and concentrate all your energy on One Product at a Time. Not only will your links be shortened and cloaked, you can also schedule your post to promote them. Buffer is a great tool, and used by many successful affiliate marketers.

Simply enter Buffer(.)com into your browser, and log in with any of your social profiles.

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