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In the previous post, we discussed Click Bank and the meaning of Gravity. There are many Proven Ways to do Proper Product Research within Click Bank, especially with tools created by Click Bank to guide you as a newbie Affiliate Marketer. One such tool allows you to search over 300,000 Digital Products at the click of a button. The Tool offers a search window where you can set pretty much any search targeted to your niche. You can even set the preferred percentage you would like to earn sales, and you will be provided with the products that fit your description.

Ultimately, the value of your Internet Toolbox will determine the level of your achievement. And Having The Click-Bank Engine Tool, to Hand you the Right Products will result in much better sales. However, like all the other Free tools you have had access to on this Blog it is also just a Tool. And Tools are meant to be used, until you have mastered to use them professionally and to their maximized potential. That is why Making Money Online is a Journey and Not A Race, because it takes time to assemble your Machine by using the Right Parts.

When you have the Right Affiliate Product to Promote, you must establish the Right Audience to Offer it to. Which is why we have been covering all the other Free Google Tools in previous Posts. Reaching the Right Audience is where Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization comes in. But, Leveraging Google may prove to be a little more challenging than anticipated. And this is Also why it is always a Great Idea to Allow A Professional Webmaster To Target Your Audience For You.

Product Research is only One Part of generating Sales on the Internet as an Affiliate Marketer, Audience targeting is the Other.

Some thoughts on making money in a few hours?

Now that’s not even logical, seriously? If it was so easy to make millions online then economies would collapse…just let that sink in for a while. You must be prepared to face failure more times than you may later recall, and your level of achievement depends on YOU. What you put in, is what you get out.

Making money online as an affiliate marketer start with direction and there is no final destination, where little to no effort will bear the equivalent in fruit.

Yes, you may have seen some marketers sharing fancy screenshots but people are growing weary of these, and with good reason. Unfortunately this marketing tactic had become a little over exposed and borders BS by now, right?

Well yes and no. Because not all of these are bogus, but rather quite sadly misunderstood. The most important to watch out for is a full money back guarantee. In my opinion, someone not willing to offer you your money back may not quite have that kind of confidence in their product and neither should you. But that’s just my opinion, don’t want to trample any toes here…just a thought.

Now this coin has a flipside because the products you decide to promote should carry the same surety. Professional marketers call this the “Back Door” and it offers security and peace of mind. You will then have to wait the money back guarantee out before your commissions will be released to you. And there goes the idea of making money the next day, even if by some miracle you succeed in generating sales the first week.

The fancy screenshots from the guy willing to offer you your money back is an indication of what is possible with the system or product, not necessarily what is imminent. You may end up doing even better and it’s all about focus, paying proper attention without rushing in an attempt to make money faster.

But Where Do You Start?

Glad you asked, and as you well know I love speaking WordPress with a little Google. Because that’s the right place to start once you have built your product knowledge. Effectively you start by discovering your profitable niche, so you can target the keywords you wish to target in your domain name and site title. This is very important, so hold the horses on the domain and hosting if you have not done proper research. You may very well, quite sadly be wasting money.

See S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) really is not all that complicated, but it is excruciatingly time consuming. This is why most marketers dread the idea of hosting and the research that comes with that. I know I did and as a computer and device dinosaur (Back Then), it seemed even more so. It really is all about patience and research.

Take a moment and think about the things you love doing most and make a list because that’s how you empower yourself to create unique content (No Where Else Available on the Internet). That’s what Unique Content means, and without that you will reach snail speed at best. And that will be your “Profitable Niche”, but why?

Because if you absolutely love what you do it will be impossible to give up, when you’re truly fascinated by something you’ll be unstoppable! Remember that super successful people are just dreamers who refused to give up, and nothing could make them stop. You know the saying “Quitters never win, and winners never quit”, it really is how this works.

In conclusion.

You need to discover your profitable niche, target your keywords and find the relevant products to satisfy an identified common need within your niche. You will spend money online, and may even end up losing some money if you want to make serious money in return. You will most definitely not become a dot com millionaire without spending a dime.

Accept that and prepare to learn instead of earn because a willingness to learn is the best mind-set to get you started, and ensure your success.


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