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Affiliate Marketing is a sequence of tiny objective steps in the right direction but Google Traffic is the life blood of any Online Business. Although I always try keeping up with the personal touch, it’s not always that easy especially when your audiences start growing a little faster than anticipated with a passionate interest into Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. But that’s the kind of results you can expect from Search Engine Optimization because Nothing Drives Website Traffic like SEO. There are various ways to contact me, apart from entering my full name (Deon Christie) into your browser and Search. Also a method I use to research professionals to connect with in my Field like Neil Patel and Rand Fishken where I also learned much of what I know today on Search Engine Optimization with Blogging.

You can also reach me by Email on  – – For any urgent issues or questions you may have about Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and Search Engine Optimization to make Money Online. But also visit other Posts on this Blog, covering many of the most common technicalities of Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

Join me on YouTube – And view some latest Videos created with Free tools that will cost you nothing but a little time to learn your way around Lumen 5, with great ready made templates and graphics to use. There’s also Microsoft Expression Encoder for Screenshot Tutorial Videos which works great for creating Tutorial Videos and Guide your Audience through certain steps they may have a hard time with. Remember that there is always someone out there struggling with something you have already mastered.

The Basics of YouTube Video Ranking is identical to Ranking Blog Pages and Posts. Your Title and Description is what determines the Categorization and Ranking Capability. The Heart of your Online Business as an Affiliate Marketer or otherwise is Keyword and Search Phrase Placement.

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There are currently 5 Facebook Pages and 2 Facebook Groups packed with Content on Affiliate Marketing, Email List Building and Blogging with Google Traffic Secrets. You will notice the “Sign Up” Button on each Page, that’s the Landing Page redirect I also mention as a List Building tactic on the “Start Make Money” Page on this Blog. Facebook is the Second Largest Traffic Platform on the Planet, second to Google Alone which is why there are now also “Facebook Watch” for Uploading Videos to Facebook.

Facebook Pages Best Viral Marketing Methods and Techniques  – Exponential Free Targeted Google Website Traffic – The Click-Bank Affiliate – How To Make Money

Making Money Internet Jobs  – Affiliate Marketing with Google Traffic

With Facebook Groups and Pages, you have options between Public or Closed Pages and Groups. Use Closed groups for more Targeted Audiences, people sharing a specific interest that Asks to join the group. These kind of audiences are also more likely to join your Email List from Subscribe or Sign Up Buttons. With Facebook Watch you can really Spice Up your Facebook pages with Great Video Uploads.

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There are also other Social Profiles where you can make contact like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and All Major Social Platforms. Social networking plays a huge role in gaining Credibility with your audiences, because it builds trust and if people are going to buy from you then they need to See who you are. With Medium and Quora you have a great opportunity sharing your Knowledge with extremely large audiences, Both Quora and Medium have a Visitor Count in the Hundred Millions per Month.

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Through Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ along with several Pages and Groups on these social Platforms there are also Google+ Communities and Collections.

Google Collections and Communities from inside your Google+ Account is much like Facebook Pages and Groups, there is also a known tactic to use the Hash-Tag and increase your Google Post Visibility. Google offer many great engagement tools Like Google Hangouts and Google Trends, not to mention the Google Search Console. Between Facebook and Google you have an Arsenal of tools to use and these Two Giants are also the Largest Traffic Platforms on Earth.

Google Collections – Learn to Live with Money – How to Make Internet Money – Just WordPress Blogging Google And Me – Build An Online Empire

Through the years I have also built a few email lists and you can Download your Free Copy of “Google WordPress Warrior Training” by simply subscribing to my List. Your details are secure, and you can unsubscribe at any time to Top Marketing Trends

There are also Comment Windows on each Blog Page and Post where you can engage and be part of the conversation on Affiliate Marketing and Google Traffic to Make Money Online. Looking forward to connecting with you and answer any questions you may have around Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. It’s an extremely competitive field where only intense research and gaining as much knowledge as you possibly can will allow you to stand out from a rather large crowd.

But like with any other online marketer, I can only show you the extend of my own knowledge and cannot make any claims to guarantees that you will quit your job tomorrow and go on a never ending Island Holiday. Quite the contrary because Affiliate Marketing by means of Blogging require a lot of dedication, research and hard work as it involves Search Engine Optimization which takes a Lot of Time.

Important Note on Gaining Credibility

Gaining Credibility with your Audience requires Transparency and Useful Unique Content, which can only be obtained through endless research and constant exploration. The Key is to offer a Solution to an Identified Need within your Niche because only One Factor determines Conversion of Any Kind and that is the Quality of Your Content. From Blogging to Commenting and Social Networking you must always aim at offering Quality, add value to a discussion and engage your audiences.

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