Create A Solid Online Presence to Make Money

In today's modern world, it's difficult to be a successful freelance writer without a solid online presence. Sure, you may get one or two clients via in-person networking, but the vast majority of your work, as an online freelance writer, will come from the web, on places like your website, your social media platforms and even via Google search results.

So if you’re just starting your freelancing journey, consider building your online presence as step #1. It will be the foundation for everything you do as a writer, and it will help you build the lucrative and successful career that you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t know where to start?

Here are the four must-have essentials:

1. A Portfolio Site - Your portfolio site is the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s where potential clients can go to learn about you and your skills and read samples of your writing. It’s also what will show up in Google search results if you practice search engine optimization techniques.

2. A LinkedIn Page - LinkedIn is a great place to find new clients and new projects. Upload samples of your work, get recommendations from colleagues and past employers, and create a profile to show off to potential clients.

3. A Twitter Account - With Twitter, you can establish yourself as a true expert in your niche and as a writer. Use this platform to share news and industry insights, and promote your work (and your client’s!) whenever possible. Optimize your profile with the right terms and hashtags, and you may even snag a few new projects.

4. Your Own Blog - Starting a blog can help your career in numerous ways. First, it can display a great snapshot of your skills. If you don’t have many samples yet, a blog also offers potential clients a way to evaluate your talents and see what you can really do. And it can help you establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche or industry as well.

Be sure to tend to your blog and profiles regularly, update them with new skills and samples as you gain them, and use them to their maximum potential.

If you need advice on how to create a client-attracting online presence that will help you get more writing gigs and build your freelance writing career, then you should check out Maggie Linders' Freelance Profit Academy.

Maggie, a six-figure freelance writer, teaches writers exactly how to build full-fledged, successful freelance writing businesses while offering personal coaching and support as well as daily scam-free job opportunities.

The Fastest Way to Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer - You know what feels great? Earning your first big chunk of cash as a professional freelance writer. It makes you feel like you made the right choice – like quitting your 9-to-5, branching out on your own and blazing your own path was the best thing you’ve ever done. But if you’re just starting out, it can feel like that day is a long way away. If you’re starting off with content mills and bidding sites, you may very well be working for pennies – and that can take a while to add up.

Fortunately, those aren’t your only options. You can earn $1,000 as a freelance writer fast – long before your mortgage is due and the tax man comes calling.

Here’s how to do it: 

Find A Few Clients In Need - Scour your LinkedIn network and check out the websites of local businesses and companies. Is there any group with a less-than-stellar website? You could probably beef up their web content and make a big difference. Are any of your connections starting a new job? Find out if their company could use content help. Is someone in the market for employment? Offer to write copy for their personal portfolio site.

Request A "Per-Project" Rate - If you want to reach $1,000 fast, forget billing hourly. Instead, propose a flat, per-project rate for your clients. Factor in how much time the project will take you, as well as your experience and skills, and come up with a fee that’s fair (but profitable!)

Exceed Your Deadlines - Sure, that new client might give you a month to complete their new website content, but do you really need that long? More importantly, do you want to wait that long for your payment? The quicker you get to work, the quicker you get paid!

Get Deposits And Ask For "Milestone" Payments - If you’re working on a particularly large project, a great way to get your cash early is to ask for a deposit or collect milestone payments. With a deposit, you’ll ask for a certain percentage of your total fee upfront. This is to reserve your time and protect you from getting stiffed. With milestone payments, you can have the client pay you for each chunk of content you turn in – maybe per webpage your write, per blog post or per eBook chapter.

Make Payment Easy - Finally, don’t make payment a hassle for your clients. Get a PayPal and Venmo account, and ditch the old mailed, paper checks you’re used to. Bill clients via email, and let them pay you instantly and seamlessly online. It’s better for both you and them. Earning your first $1,000 can seem like an uphill battle but it doesn't have to be that way. If you want a proven, step-by-step system to earning your first $1,000 and more in a short period of time, check out Maggie Linder's Freelance Profit Academy. This program has become very popular among freelance writers and has produced hundreds of success stories.

The Top 4 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

You can find freelance writing jobs virtually anywhere – through old employers and colleagues, on Craigslist and bidding sites, and even on social media. Freelance writing opportunities are all around us. But as nice as it is to wade through the numerous opportunities, it can also make the process of landing new freelance gigs pretty time-consuming. Do you really have hours to scour the web, checking in on every possible job site, social platform and blog? Definitely not – at least not if you want to be profitable! Thankfully, you don’t have to. Below are a few of the best possible spots for finding gigs – gigs that can be lucrative and interesting and get you on the fast track to earnings.

1 - Morning Coffee Newsletter 

This handy newsletter found at Freelancewritingjobs sends daily job alerts straight to your inbox. It features 10 to 20 handpicked freelance writing jobs from across the Internet, each with a different client, pay and focus. Some come from Craigslist (which means you don’t have to scour the dozens and dozens of city-based Craigslist ads for gigs!) and some come from other job sites across the web. The main point? The work is already done for you. Just sit back, check your email, and apply for anything that sounds like a good fit.

2 - Blogging Pro 

The Blogging Pro job board is a great place to find high-paying, legitimate freelance writing gigs for one big reason: Clients have to pay to post a job on it. Sure, it’s only $30, but when there are alternative sites that are absolutely FREE for posting, you know a client means business if they’re willing to shell out cash for their post! You’ll find everything from niche, industry-specific gigs to full-time remote opportunities for single clients. It’s a must-see stop on your weekly job hunt.

3 - LinkedIn 

LinkedIn can provide freelance writing job opportunities in two ways: 1 - Job postings on the site 2 - Easy and seamless networking. Though networking takes a little more work, you can often spot opportunities for gigs just by checking your feed daily. Did someone change jobs or get promoted? Reach out and see if they could use your services. Is someone launching a new website? Ask if they could use help with web content. You never know when a job is right around the corner.

4 - Freelance Profit Academy

Job scams are plenteous on the web, and unsuspecting freelance writers can get caught in their devious web easily. Thankfully, the Freelance Profit Academy houses a daily, scam-free job board that weeds out scams and supplies you with the highest-quality jobs sourced from around the web. Review each and every job to provide you with only the best ones.


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