Deciding Between Blogging Or A Website?

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It’s a question asked by many affiliate marketers, which is why I decided to post my professional opinion. A Blog is much more effective than a website, because a blog can be 1000 “mini sites” sending traffic to the same blog. Each one of these “mini sites” build their own back-links and they all point to the primary blog domain. It must be one of the fastest ways to increase the rating and ranking of your blog.

Allow me to explain these “Mini Sites” – Now this is all done by changing a simple setting in your WordPress c-Panel, and installing an S.E.O plugin. Yes, two steps to supercharge your rating and ranking. It’s really not all that complicated, here’s how;

First you want to go to your settings tab inside your c-Panel dashboard, simply scroll over it and click on “Permalinks”. There are various options like Plain, Day and Name, Month and Date, Numeric, Post Name and Custom Structure. You simply select “Post Name”, and click on “Save Settings” at the bottom. That’s it, done.

What this does, is using your post title after a forward slash on your primary domain. Almost like an extension, and that is where the “Mini Site” idea comes from. Because now each individual post is a different URL on its own.

Completing Your Mini Site Tactic – From inside your c-Panel, move your courser upward and scroll over “Plugins”. Then simply click on “Add New”, and you will see a “Search Plugins” tab to the top right. Simply type in “All In One S.E.O pack” and then press Enter, a mouse click will not enter the search. You should now be looking at a plugin page containing the All In One S.E.O Pack, click on “Install” and in the next window just “Activate Plugin”.

You may also choose to use Yoast S.E.O, the decision is entirely up to you. I have read great reviews about both these two S.E.O plugins.

Told you it wasn’t all that technical, it’s only tiny objective steps in the right direction. After this is installed, you will notice the All in One S.E.O Pack’s data entry page at the bottom of each new post you plan to write. This is where you enter a short title to your post, up to 60 characters maximum, but around 50 is preferred by Search Engines.

In the description you want to target the keywords and keyword phrases you wish to draw your audience from. This is also what the Google Spider sees when visiting your Mini Site or Blog Post. And this is where the Mini Site idea comes from, because now you are doing search engine optimization for each individual post and Google loves that. Don’t exceed 160 characters here, but again around 150 is more advisable.

Two simple little steps for a remarkable rating and ranking increase, and took you around 15 minutes? There are a lot of tiny little steps to take, and content to optimize within a whole new world of exploration inside WordPress. But I have to warn you, it’s addictive once you understand the logic and learn the simplicity because you will be unstoppable!

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie


  1. I love blogging. I find that it is the easiest and more affordable way for new people to start. A web site is important too though and does the selling for you when you are not online.

    1. Hi Laura,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance and welcome to my blog. I fully agree, I too prefer blogging. There’s a lot more buttons to do stuff with, wouldn’t you agree? Have a lovely weekend.

      Deon Christie

    1. Hi Bridget,

      We share a similar view. However, many bloggers don’t know how to check on and increase Google rating. Rating in Google is crucial, because it boosts your ranking capability tremendously. Do check the Third Tool on my “Tools I Use”page called Small S.E.O Tools. Use the “Website S.E.O Score Checker” and check your blog or website score. If you need help fixing a few things, just let me know and I will be happy to help.

      Warm Regards,
      Deon Christie

  2. Well said and specific in terms of how-to content. I look forward to learning about the tools you’re using to get results.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi BB,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance, and Welcome to my Blog. Be sure to check my “Tools I Use” Page, some tactics I use in there. Things like commenting on sites already having Millions of Visitors per month. The Key is to have the tools that reveal those sites, but more importantly how to use them. Allow me to offer a little advice on your Profile, as I don’t see a profile picture. This is quite crucial and often gets overlooked. Just let me know if you need help, I’ll be delighted to assist you.

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