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Basic Affiliate Marketing methods and tactics to help understand the steps, Product and Keyword research is your first steps after discovering your Profitable Niche. For that there is no video guidance, only you can be the guidance there. See, with affiliate marketing your profitable niche is that which you love doing most and that is the basis of both your Keyword and Product research. A hobby works exceptionally well and have turned surprisingly profitable for thousands of people that started off just like you, curious to know how affiliate marketing actually works. If you could work from home every day and earn a living, decide what you would like to do (Which you also have some Knowledge On) most?

That is your profitable niche and there is no such thing as a “One Size Fits All” niche, every person’s niche is different but it is not necessarily unique. Regardless of the Niche you choose, you Must Realize that the competition is fierce and the only way you will reach the top is Knowledge. That is going to require a Lot of Research, because it is important to expand while you learn and by that I mean really Expand! Take initiative and explore, but what do I mean by Explore?

A few years back through an excellent training program I learned quite a bit about blogging with hosting and WordPress, but that was just the beginning. Within the training, the installation of Plugins (Among many other Videos) was explained and guided with certain plugins suggested. The simplicity really got me and I started researching more on plugins, had no idea there was So Much that could be done with simple Free Plugins to Professional Blogging. Today I have an Arsenal of Proven Plugins and Tools as a result of curiosity and research. No training is ever final, you must see training programs as a compass to point you in the direction of a proven path. When you build on that path and create your own ideas, THAT is when the Magic of Successful Affiliate Marketing will happen for you.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research


Keyword research is the one most important factor next to Niche Research if you’re going to make any money online with your own blog. Without Niche research you will most probably end up targeting the wrong keywords and reach audiences not even remotely interested in your work, this will also leave you with a staggering Bounce Rate. A Site Bounce Rate is the amount of times a visitor will merely open your site and leave (No more than a single Page View), or not visit deeper than the Home Page. Keyword Research is what turns a “Click” into an Actual Visitor that will most likely buy from you.

It is the Content however that will raise your Visitor Duration Stats, Compelling and Useful Content always have worked and always Will. This is where Product Research works its Magic because that is how you gain Knowledge and get recognized as a Professional Affiliate Marketer or Blogger.

 Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research


Forming a large part of the Success trio as I would like to call it. Making money online is all about Getting a Product In Demand in front of an Interested Audience at the Right Time with Sufficiently Compelling Content. As a successful Affiliate Marketer and Blogger you also want to focus on products that have a recurring billing like a membership, this way your sale becomes a continuous monthly income. There are other factors like Gravity and Demand, because successful affiliate marketing is about a lot more than just promoting products and get paid.

It is equally important that you choose products that offer a full money back guarantee. If they don’t well, then the owner of the digital product may not have much confidence in the product and neither should you. This also creates trust and is known as a “Safety Net” or “Back Door” assuring your buyer that their money is safe.

Google Traffic with Page Rank to Make Money


The simpler tactics of leveraging Google Page Rank to your advantage by gaining access to the really High Authority Sites. Checking the Page rank with Quality and Quantity of site visitors is one of many ways to leverage these tools to your advantage. These are the basics and exclusively to my valued blog visitors, you can now download a Free Copy of my latest Publication called “Google WordPress Warrior Training”. This will take you through the more basic and cheaper version of using WordPress by only paying your Domain Name. You will also learn how to discover your Profitable Niche and target the right Keywords before launching your Blog.

Free Social Networking Tool to Make Money Online


Buffer is one of the preferred Social Networking Automation tools and the best part is you can use it 100% Free of Charge. With the Upgraded option of $10 per month, you can Schedule up to 100 Posts in advance on 10 Different Social Platforms of your choice. This Includes Instagram, yes with Buffer you can Schedule Posts for Instagram 100 posts in advance. But please don’t use this as a means to try and speed up results. Remember that the King of Conversion will always be Compelling Content. When your content is sufficiently compelling you will have much better results with surprisingly tiny audiences.

Publish an Affiliate Marketing Post in WordPress


Sharing the basic path to publishing a Blog Post on WordPress and how to use the best Post Title also known as your H2 Header. H2 Header keyword targeting is just as important as your Site Title or H1 Header, it tells Google where to categorize your Blog and Boosts your Google S.E.O Score. Blogging is exciting but you must understand the basics in order to have your work Indexed and actually ranking in All Major Search Engines.

Schedule Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Posts


Scheduling your WordPress Blog Posts will help with Consistency which is important because Google Loves Fresh, Compelling and keyword Rich Content. No need for any software or tools because WordPress already provide you with the Free Tools to do just that.

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