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Getting visitors to your affiliate links is one thing, but how will you know which products to promote? Well, first you’ll have to decide which Affiliate Network you wish to use, and Click Bank comes highly recommended. You can sign up for a Free Affiliate Account by simply visiting ClickBank(.)com, and follow the simple steps. As a Click Bank affiliate myself, I have been making money online with them for a couple of years now and they Never Missed A Payout. It is also the Digital Affiliate Platform that offers you the Highest Commissions of up to 85%!

Yes, up to 85% Of the Sales Go To The Affiliate Promoting the Products. And  all you have to do is check the Gravity of a product from inside your affiliate membership by visiting the Marketplace. Now, let’s take a look at the meaning of Gravity;

High Gravity (From 100 & Up) – A Gravity above 100 means the product is selling and in High Demand on the Internet, but there is a Flip Side to that Coin. A High Gravity also means a High Level of Competition, because it’s quite likely that many of the 150,000 affiliates may be promoting that product. All this means is that you have to be a little more professional, but can make the highest combined commissions from these products.

Low Gravity (From 99 & Down) – A Low gravity means the product may not be quite so much in demand on the Internet. But it also means that you will have less competition because fewer affiliates are promoting the particular product. Low Gravity Products may even result in more sales because it’s not so widely known and may inspire a desire with your visitor, because chances are they have not seen it before. Low gravity products may be a good place to begin when you are just getting started as an affiliate marketer.

On your journey you will soon realize The Power of Combining Click-Bank With Google, and in doing so get the exposure you need to generate sales from your affiliate links. Google is the Largest traffic Platform on the Planet, and this Blog is filled with Free Google Tools in the Previous and Upcoming Posts. So register as an affiliate with Click Bank, and start you exciting journey into Affiliate Marketing on the Internet.

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Deon Christie

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