How A Favicon Boost Your Google Rating

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Adding a favicon to your Blog will boost your Google Rating from 15 – 20%, and it’s the simplest thing to do. In fact, most of the optimization steps are quite basic and real easy to do. You may find that certain themes don’t offer the option of adding a favicon, and that only means a little more work. All you need to do is change your theme, and I can name at least 3 themes that do support the addition of the favicon.

You will find the themes (Redwaves by Themient, ColorMag by ThemeGrill, and Spacious by ThemeGrill) to support both Logo and Favicon addition, both of which is very important. Now just some advice on your Logo as an Affiliate marketer. Always brand your own name and not just a particular product, because it widens your options considerably.

But what is a Favicon? – Let’s use WordPress as an example. When you open the WordPress login or home page, at the top of your browser the site title tab will display a little icon. A tiny blue square with the “W” WordPress symbol. That’s a favicon and is also used as the image to create an app, should you so choose.

All my personal blogs have a Google Rating of no less than 72%, that means it’s a Grade A Site and get the Gold Standard. Now Any Webmaster or professional Blogger will tell you that any score above 70% will rank in record time. As I mentioned earlier, simple steps for surprising results but even with record time we’re talking around 3 – 6 months. That will also depend on your niche, the less your competition the shorter the time to rank.

How to add a favicon – Simply scroll your curser over “Appearance”, and then click on “Header” in the drop down menu. You will now see your blog display with a drop down menu to the left. In the settings you now need to click on “Site Identity” where you will find the option to add a Site Icon, which is the favicon. Preferably images of around 200 x 200 pixels.

If you don’t have your own favicon or Icon, don’t despair because I will quickly show you how to create one at no cost. Simply go to – This Free Logo Design Site – Simply Enter Company name and Category and the rest is autopilot. As I have mentioned earlier, rather brand your name, so enter your own name in the Company Name section. Simply create your favicon, download it and set it as your Site Icon in WordPress.

You can use the same image as your site Logo, but don’t forget to add the “Alt Attribute” to your images in the image settings. The alt attribute in your images is another of many tactics used to boost your Google Rating. But that will be a separate topic for upcoming posts.

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    1. Hi Jessmond,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance. It’s always a pleasure creating blogs like this, with an audience such as yourself. I’m fascinated by WordPress and SEO, and enjoy sharing my discoveries as I research. There’s some more great tips like this on another blog of mine, hope to see you here –

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    1. Hi Dustin,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance, and welcome to my Blog. Glad you find my content helpful, let me know if you need any assistance adding your favicon. It may be safe to assume I can show you my “1000 Times More Effective” tactic to Blogging? Are you doing individual S.E.O for every one of your posts? If you do, then it’s like an army of tiny “Mini Sites” all driving traffic to One Primary Blog. Just a tactic I’m testing, let me know if you would like to know more.


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