How To Boost Domain And Page Authority

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With regards to a lot of increased inquiry on this topic within my audiences, I decided to write this article in response to this common need. Domain and Page Authority of your Blog are two of the attributes that will boost your Google Rating the most. There are a total of 25 optimization steps that when combined correctly will result in a Google Rating of 100%.

Now some of these defects must be fixed through contacting your Hosting Support, but most of these defects can be fixed from within your WordPress c-Panel. For the purpose of this article, we will look at boosting your site domain and page authority. It will require a few hundred page eBook to cover the entirety of Google Rating tactics.

Domain And Page Authority

Domain And Page Authority

How To Get Your Page Authority Up – Your Page Authority primarily depend on the quality of your content, with no exception to your keywords you wish to target. It is advisable to have the keyword/s present in your domain, your H1 and H2 Heading and also your post or article content. Therefore it is always a great idea to add pages such as your About page and perhaps a “Tools To Use” page for instance.

You can then use these pages and populate them with articles in excess of 1000 words, Google loves A Lot Of Great Content. Complete your About page with as much information about who you are and what you love doing as you possibly can. Your About page kind of proves to your audience that you are a professional within the topic and primary target of your Blog. Tell people about your achievements, and especially how you too struggled with the technicalities before.

Share some tools, and discuss the tools properly so you provide your audience with something helpful. But don’t just give them a fishing rod, show them how to fish. Again, populate this page with as much information as you possibly could because it’s one of the easiest ways to get recognized as a professional.

Your Page And Domain Authority

Your Page And Domain Authority

How To Get Your Domain Authority Up – Much like your Page Authority, your content plays a crucial role because you want to inspire comments. But spam comments will do much more harm than good, which is why you should have a spam blocking plugin like WP Spam Check Installed. You will recognize spam comments largely by the fact that the email address will always return as non-deliverable and in most cases a faceless profile. Delete that kind of crap, you’re just defeating your entire ranking process. Also be extremely cautious as to what kind of back Links you build and from which sites. When you aim at increasing comments, then you first need to check on the Ranking and the Quantity as well as the Quality of a particular sites visitors.

Rather engage your audience through tools like social networking, and invite professionals in your field to comment. If you want high quality comments from high quality visitors, then you need to provide them with equally professional content. What you put in, is what you get out. And if you want to succeed, then surround yourself with people on the same mission.

Don’t just approve or accept new followers because you were sent a request, check the profile because many faceless profiles will bring you nothing but spam and desperate sales pitches. If you want to run with the big dogs, then you need to keep up.

A good measure to calculate Domain Authority will be around 0,5 – 1% per decent comment, so to reach a 100% Domain Authority…you can do the math. Yes, it’s hard work but so is everything with an above average income. Domain and Page Authority form part of a much larger Goal and if you want to Rank in Google then you have to prove your worth. Actually Ranking in Google depend on your Rating, and the competition is fierce because it’s the Largest traffic Platform on the Planet.

Which is Why Blogging can be 1000 times more effective than any website, which is why many webmasters create blogs for their websites. Simply because A Blog that is regularly updated, attracts the Google Spider with Fresh Relevant Content. The average post allowed per Blog by Google is 1000, which is why I call it the 1000 More Effective method. And this is done with Plugins, and goes perfectly with helping to boost your authority.

You separate yourself from the masses and stand out as a professional when you turn each Blog Post into an individually S.E.O’d “Mini Site” which re-directs back to your Primary Blog Domain.

1000 Times More Effective

1000 Times More Effective

But the 1000 times more effective concept I have already covered in another post, also on this Blog Titled; “Deciding Between Blogging Or A Website?” Read the post and combine the tactic with this Domain And Page Authority Tips. In fact, you should combine as many of the tactics mentioned on this Blog as you possibly can and also use the Tools provided on the “Tools I Use” Page. All these methods, tactics and tools are from my personal arsenal in my money toolbox. All you need to do, is make it work for you.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie


  1. I like to think in order to increase your page authority you have to simply publish more articles and get more comments. I think too many people obsess with all this technical aspects of SEO when all they really need to do is write more content. I agree with the point you made in this article, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Timothy,
      Pleasure making your acquaintance and Welcome to my Blog. I too fail to understand why So Much money is spent on things like “Traffic Packages” when the best methods with real results are all Free! I think this is due to that race after the “Magic Button” (I used to be a leading Contender) because success takes time and few are prepared to the required commitment. Glad you find my content useful, will always do my best to share something useful based on my own trial and error.

  2. Domain Authority can take work, but with patience, it’s quite doable. I have used many of these tips to vault my DA from 18 to 42 in a matter of months. Nicely written article, Deon. KUDOS!

    1. Hi PJ,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance, and Welcome to my Blog. Congratulations on that Domain Authority, and to Newbies – That is quite Impressive guys! This is also why I’m currently concentrating on fresh Content and Comments. Your site is quite Impressive and by far the kind of back-links needed for faster ranking. I can see we may have quite a few tactics to share, obviously from experience and am looking forward to future correspondence. Last I checked, my own domain authority was around 19.83, but after recent comments should be above the required 20.

      Glad you enjoyed my content, do check my upcoming post and let me know what you think.

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