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I decided to create this blog and share with people the methods and tactics that actually generate money on the Internet. Sadly, I have to admit that a larger majority of systems and programs to make money online are nothing more than sales pitches. I have purchased and tested more methods, tactics and programs than I care to remember, and that is how I know. I'm familiar with that desperation when nothing you do seems to generate any revenue, but I also know how important it is to just keep going.

Building Your Internet Empire starts with Google Keyword Research, and That is how the Super Affiliate Marketers achieve the impressive sales figures. Keyword Targeting basically ensures that what you offer is in fact in demand, which is very important to Your Actual Online Sales. But it doesn't end with Keyword Research, quite the contrary as it has to be combined with niche and Product Research. Not to get worried just yet, because this Blog will share valuable information to guide you through the process of making money online.

Ultimately you want to work from home and make money to better your lifestyle, and that is exactly why you have landed on my Blog in the first place. I have to ask however, that you spend time with the methods, tactics and tools that you will have access to in upcoming posts. Remember that the best teacher you could possibly ask for, is Yourself...! There is absolutely No One that can teach you better, but you have to make determination your mind set and forget about reward completely. Banish any and all ideas of instant riches, or to make money online the next day because truth be's Not Going To Happen.

Decide what you enjoy doing most because when you truly love what you do, it will be impossible to give up. This is important to bear in mind because many people starting off with various methods to make money online, sadly end up disappointed. And in most cases it's not the particular system or program, it's the mindset of the person learning from it. Making money online is a long term solution to your financial problems, NOTHING will pay all your bills by next week. Please don't fall into that mindset trap, focus on how much you can Learn and not on how much you can Earn because that is the unpleasant truth.

The really successful affiliate marketers set their sites on a goal, and then refuse to give up. There is no final destination to this journey you're about to embark upon, there is no single method, tool or tactic that will be your money making machine on it's own. It's a combination of tools and tactics that you need to learn how to put together after you have established your direction.

Direction is so much more important than speed, many newbies (perhaps even millions) are going nowhere fast. Frantically posting and flooding every social media platform with annoying posts. That, by the way is how to Not make money online. You need to slow down, and even start over if you must but without targeted visitors you will only fuel your desperation. It’s all about the right product, to the right audience at the right time, and content will always be the king of sales. Creating the relative, interesting and useful content will depend on your product knowledge which is why it’s important to personally test what you intend to promote.

To get You started, Download Your Free Google Keyword Planner Tool and spend some time getting to know your way around the proper use of the tool. This is the first and Most Important tool you Must have in your internet marketing success toolbox. Bookmark this tool, because you're going to use it constantly. It's the same tool used by successful affiliate marketers for optimized content creation and targeted S.E.O. Google’s keyword Planner will show you search volumes for any keyword or anchor text which will allow you to select the appropriate domain name. It is important that the best keywords relevant to your niche, are populating both your domain name and website or blog title. Anchor texts is like keyword phrases, something a visitor may be likely to type into their browser. Take the Dieting Niche for example, a great anchor text may be “how can I lose weight fast”, but such anchor texts must populate the content on your home page. This way it just makes it easier for Google to notice, index and even rank your website.

Regardless of the rumors that you don’t need your own blog as an affiliate marketer, that unfortunately is not quite the whole truth. It is actually crucial that you have your own blog, and when you don’t you will not be able to properly target the relevant audience. Keyword Research is the basis on which you build your passive affiliate income stream, because without converting traffic your chances of success are slim to none. Google actually provide you with a free tool to do just that, if fact most of the secret tools used by super successful affiliate marketers are free tools provided by Google. Perhaps you’ve just been looking in the wrong places, because sometimes what we need is right in front of us. We just tend to focus more on the distant shiny light, which only end up blinding our ability for achievement.

Be on the lookout for my upcoming posts because you will find it informative and useful, there will also be more free tools to access and build an unstoppable toolbox of success on the internet. There is also the upcoming launch of - WordPress And Google Black Ops - a little more advanced that the predecessor - Google And WordPress Warrior Training.

Remember, love what you do and it will be impossible to give up. Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams, and just by being on this Blog you have already taken the first step.


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Deon Christie

Deon Christie is an Aspiring Writer, Professional WordPress blogger and successful Affiliate Marketer since 2012 with extensive SEO knowledge. Familiar with Digital Sales and Affiliate Platforms like ClickBank, ClickSure, ClickBetter, Amazon, and JV Zoo. With ClickBank as both Affiliate Marketer and Vendor after first Product launch in 2016 Received the Diamond Expert Author certification from My E-Zine Articles Dot Com with work Published and featured on sites like Medium, Quora, Hub-Pages, Mashable, Digital Doughnut and Blogarama. Social Networking skills include all major Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, Google+ and StumbleUpon (And the list goes On)

One thought on “Keyword Research with Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

  • September 26, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Hi Deon,
    I100% agree with you. I keep saying that ‘in the process of doing something, something happens’. You are absolutely right when you say ‘you are the source’.
    Keywords planning of course very important. But sometimes I feel that it might not take a great effort for it; rather might not be needed. For example, my niche is about Meditation, Stress Release, and Health. These are very important subjects, I think, for all. Now, you go for a key word research, like, say long tail, short tail, related words who get maximum search. If you are selecting a popular niche, which everybody needs you have won half of the battle.
    Sir, please guide if I am correct. Your answer is extremely valuable and needed.
    Wishing You Happiness forever…

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