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Allow me to share some of my earlier publications with BookRix, a Page Rank 5 Publisher. My latest eBook is currently available on Click Bank, Titled “Google WordPress Warrior Training” where I share some blogging beginner basics and valuable Google traffic leveraging tactics. Now these eBooks are based on methods, tactics and tools I use to this day to make money on the internet. Some I have learned along the journey, and others I have discovered through research.

Google WordPress Warrior Training

The majority of Affiliate Marketers are still persistent on making money by frantically posting affiliate links. More bad news is that most of these links aren’t even cloaked.

Ever wondered how the Super Affiliate Marketers Make Real Money Online?

Google WordPress Training

Well, not by flooding their social profiles with tsunamis of raw affiliate links I can tell you that. Amid other qualities the majority of these guys, raking in those insane amounts of commissions all have their own Blogs.

But where do you even start?

You start by creating a free Blog, so you learn your way around WordPress First! You also should only start your Blog, once you know where you’re going with it. Direction is SO Much More Important than Speed.

It is of utmost importance that you first discover your Profitable Niche, and then establish a common need within the particular Niche, Your Profitable Niche should actually be something like a hobby. And the reason why that works so well, and created so many Internet Millionaires, is because a hobby is generally something you enjoy doing most.

This Training will take you from Discovering Your Profitable Niche, teach you how to research and how to use the relevant keywords to reach the right audience. This is the baseline secret of actual online sales. You will have access to 52 Pages and 12 Chapters with Illustration.

Your end result will be your own WordPress Blog with a Google Rating of no less than 88%, and an average monthly visitor count of over 10,000

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  • You Don’t Need Any Experience or Technical Skills To Get Started
  • You Will Not Need an Expensive Hosting Account
  • You Will Not Need To Pay For Traffic…Ever! Because You Will Learn How To Leverage Google With Free Secret Tactics

Affiliate Marketing, Secrets to Generating Sales Online

Affiliate Marketing, Secrets to Generating Sales Online

Understanding the Logic behind the entire Method of making money online is the only actual key to achievement. These are the basics and the first step to completing a series of tiny objective steps in the right direction, starting with the right mindset. The sky is not the limit, your level of trust in yourself and your capability of achievement is.

Anyone can make money on the internet, but most people get “roper doped” by the rush to instant riches. Now, if you’re going to focus your energy on one tiny step at a time, then you will successfully complete your journey. You have to accept that there’s no such thing as instant riches, not offline and certainly not online…not legally anyway. Unless of coarse if you win the lottery, and we all know the odds of that!

You will do well to trust in your capability because you are the equation of your own success. You have to embrace your failure, because you will soon realize that failure is your most prized possession. Failure is not defeat, it’s how you obtain the knowledge to be recognized as a professional.


Affiliate Marketing, The Structure of the Machine

Affiliate Marketing, The Structure of the Machine

The basic structure of an online money making machine. Before you can even start building a Passive Income. You first have to understand the Logic behind the Method. There is no Giant Leap to success, only tiny objective steps in the Right Direction combined with the right tools in the right place at the right time. Generating an income online is kind of like building a machine.

It’s more like placing all the right parts in the right sequence at the right time. Generating online sales is all about addressing a need, offering a solution (that actually works) and inspiring a desire. In order to do all that you will have to invest time and faith in yourself. You can do this, you just need to slow down and assemble your machine more productively.

Everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer is right in front of you, all you need to do is follow the steps and apply the tactics. You need knowledge to be recognized as a professional, and knowledge requires dedication and persistence. It takes time to build an Empire.


Affiliate Marketing Bulk Traffic vs Autopilot Traffic

Affiliate Marketing Bulk Traffic vs Autopilot Traffic

Buying bulk traffic and email packages may not quite bear the fruit you’re hoping for. Branding and targeting plays a huge role, and bulk visitors may not even be remotely interested in your offer. Learn How to create your own Blogs and generating your own Free autopilot traffic.

The best and most converting traffic in fact is free traffic, all you have to do is use the tools already available. There are free tools that giants like Google already give you to work with, perhaps you’ve just been looking in the wrong places? These tools will allow you to setup your own autopilot traffic streams, and it will only cost you some time.

Time heals everything and if you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone, then this eBook will guide you on your way. Time is the most important ingredient of your success, and Not how much money you are prepared to spend. The sky is not the limit your believe system is, if you believe you can then you can accomplish anything.


Google Website Traffic and The Hidden Secrets

Google Website Traffic and The Hidden Secrets

Learn the logic structure to internet sales and actually making money from home. There is a sequence to follow which is exactly where many newbies go wrong, the rush to instant riches. There are ways to leverage Google to your profitable advantage, but success requires persistence and dedication.

There are steps like keyword and product research before you even get started, and you also have to establish your profitable niche. You’ll learn to do all this, one step at a time because there is no such thing as a giant leap. Simply by knowing how to leverage Google Page Rank tactics, will allow you high page rank exposure to your content. It’s how buyer traffic is obtained by many successful affiliate marketers.

Many marketers waste a lot of time and valuable content by commenting and posting on sites not even indexed in Google yet. That kind of defeats the purpose, because if a site is not indexed yet then your efforts may be wasted. A search result window does not necessarily contain all the high ranking sites, quite the contrary. Be cautious where you comment, because this simple technique of commenting can be really profitable.

Your content is responsible for your actual sales but more importantly, who you share your content with. Proper social exposure also depend on a few simple steps, often overlooked in the rush to fame. You have to strive toward progress, and not perfection. Each day, you only need to be a little better than the day before. Build your empire one step at a time.


Internet Affiliate Marketing Jobs And The 3 Sequential Basic Steps

Internet Affiliate Marketing Jobs And The 3 Sequential Basic Steps

Affiliate marketing is a derivative of Internet Marketing, and had become increasingly difficult due to the demand of popularity. Affiliate marketing can be better experienced by following three basic steps, which forms the base structure of your passive income stream. The same three steps followed by all successful affiliate marketers at some point in time. Question is…are you prepared to focus your efforts, or would you rather keep chasing the shiny objects?

Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you, but the shiny things in the distance are a constant distraction. There is no such thing as instant riches, realize and accept that. Better yet, turn that desire into a willingness to learn and your goals will be accomplished. You have to work with these three steps, because it’s not a magic wand it’s the three basic steps. Getting the right product in front of the right audience at the right time, That is how you generate actual sales online.

Making Money Online is not rocket science, but it is a science that favors persistence and more importantly, dedication.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie