Important Keyword Research and Tactics For Newbies

As I have mentioned in many an article, all the tools you need to earn money online is right in front of you. You need to stop striving for perfection and fame, because you must rather focus on progress. Like with many other tools Google gives you to work with, Ad words is an awesome keyword research tool when you work from home. Your site must be rich in useful, intriguing content and appropriately populated with the keywords from your “Keyword Planner”. This way you will find and combine keyword results, which in some cases turns out to be millions of searches per month.

Getting your website and blog on Google page rank is about more than just pinging and submitting to directories. It’s all about your content which must inspire comment and breathe life into your site. Comments and engagement proves that your site is liked and discussed, which will help boosting your page rank. To Work from Home and having your own website will help expose you as more professional. Do not rush your keyword research, set a realistic goal.

One keyword research I did, indicated the particular keywords to be searched over 750,000 times per month. That amounts to a yearly potential audience of 9,000,000 people searching the net for those exact keyword/keyword phrases. When you populate your website, domain name and website name with the keywords you wish to target your site will rank much faster. This will result in your work from home earnings increasing exponentially.

But that is just the basics and you will have to create what we call several Google Sniper sites. These sites are so targeted that the floods of traffic you will receive will just have you create more sites. You can create hundreds of such sites if you wish, and with websites you will need hosting. It is important to have a marketing budget, because there are but two ways to earn money online working from home.

These two proven and favorite methods among super successful affiliate marketers is, having your own websites and email lists. Your website is kind of like your online shop when you work from home, and your budget should not only concentrate on money. It should also include your time budget, and just how much time you can invest in yourself.

Once you experience the excitement of success when you work from home, the sacrifice will seem minute in comparison. No one said it’s going to be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.

The Importance of Product and Keyword Research

Highly responsive Keyword research can actually be done with the free Keyword Planner Tool already provided by Google. As Google is the largest traffic platform on the planet with well over a billion active users per month, their free tools are equally impressive. You have to target the keywords that best suit your niche, and ensure that you have chosen low competition and high search volume keywords. This is also the first step in creating your website and blog, and a proven tactic to choose the right domain which will help with your site ranking in Google later. Choosing the wrong keywords will result in you obtaining visitors that may not even be interested in your affiliate offer, which is when you have thousands of visitors with zero engagement. Keyword research is a pitfall many newbie affiliate marketers fall victim to, because it appears to be quite technical. Truth be told, it’s not all that complicated but the common mistake to rush in an attempt to make money faster is a proven road to disaster.

After the Keyword research, Product research is important because randomly promoting affiliate links is not how the professionals make money. You must know how to obtain the right product in demand relevant to your niche, because your Keywords attract a specific visitor. Establishing the level of competition is all part of Product research, because you want to be able to access the high converting products with low competition. The key to proper exposure is your website and especially domain name, which is why Keyword research is the first step. Regardless of the claims that you don’t need your own website as an affiliate marketer, it remains the one fact that separates you from the crowd. The only differences between super successful affiliate marketers and the ones not so successful, are their own websites with email lists.

Product Knowledge must be the most frustrating of the proven trio to success, because it is a time consuming exercise but a needed one. Product Knowledge will empower you to create relevant, helpful and interesting content which is the king of sales. Your content must inspire your visitor to want to know more, and that is how sales are generated and subscribers collected. Once you have decided on the product you wish to promote as an affiliate marketer, you must then purchase that particular product. Product Knowledge can only come from experience, be it a System or Software and even an eBook. In the case of a System or Software be sure to test it properly, and follow steps precisely before you pass judgement.

In most cases it’s not the System, Program or Software that appear to be ineffective but rather the urge to make money faster. There is a simple way to know if you have tested these options successfully, which will depend on your answer whether or not you have ever contacted support? If you have not, then chances are you didn’t succeed during the setup process because if you did you would have contacted support perhaps even a few times. You must spend time cultivating your Product Knowledge, and see it grow your Internet Empire.

The Secret Leveraging Tactic of Page Rank

You shouldn’t limit the phrase “page rank” to just the ranking of your website, but also to get better exposure to a more interested and responding audience. Leveraging Page rank is a tactic used by most successful affiliate marketers, which is the reason for their impressive achievements. It’s but one of many methods and tactics, but this article will only cover the leveraging of page rank.

Leveraging Page rank – Google already provide you with a free tool to check on any site’s page rank. You can check the page rank of any website, blog and forum which is a great leveraging tactic which has proven itself a thousand times over. You can access the free page rank checking tool by simply typing the phrase (prchecker) into your browser search, and follow the first link on the search result page. When you do check the page rank of any site, you want to limit your search to the original domain only. An original domain will end with (.com – .info – .net – .co) and so forth, any forward slash (.com/home_addittion) must be disregarded in order to get a correct result.

Commenting – Commenting has proved itself highly effective when it comes to targeted exposure, but there’s a difference between commenting and tormenting. When your comments contain tsunamis of affiliate links then you will only be annoying your audience, and your comments will be most likely seen as of a spam nature. Keep it to commenting and not promoting to inspire visitors to visit your profile, not a sales page. You must always comment relevant content by properly reading the content on which you wish to share an opinion.

Guest Posting – In most cases, the high page ranking guest posting sites will want to see proof of content publishing upon guest posting request. Which is why you first have to concentrate on publishing some articles with high ranking publishers. Many guest posting sites will even pay you when your content is published, but you must prove your authorship first. Again you must research the page rank of the guest posting and article publishing sites, and that may require some work to be noticed as a professional writer on high ranking sites. It will not be easy, but I can assure you it will be worth the time sacrifice.

Conclusion – Just by commenting and posting on high ranking sites and publishers, will result in a remarkable increase in your website traffic. The higher the site ranking, the bigger your website traffic boost will be which is why content and knowledge will always be the King and Queen of actual online sales.

Knowing When to Engage Social Audiences

This will vary for every individual and will be determined by the niche, keywords to be targeted and relevant content. Above all your content must be interesting, informative and helpful to your reader. Not only will result in gaining a visitor, but more likely also a subscriber or follower. Knowing when and exactly what to post will require a lot of research. The great thing is that all major social platforms already provide you with the free tools to obtain analytic results.

You may want to control all posting to social platforms, pages, groups and profiles by means of a single proven platform. Now an excellent platform to use for this is a little tool used by many successful affiliate marketers, and it’s called Buffer. You can access this tool by simply entering the link “buffer(.)com into your browser. You can use buffer as a free or a paid tool and should you require to post on unlimited profiles, pages and groups then it will cost you no more than $10 per month.

Buffer will also provide you with the perfect analytic tracking tools. Using these tools to your advantage will require you to get to know buffer, and then schedule different posts and URLs at different times of the day or night. You then need to study the analytic result to determine what kind of content invites the best conversion and at which times. Every audience may be different and that is why this is a time consuming exercise. Once you have established the best content and most converting times to post, you will find that a lot less posts result in much better results.

Oh, and you never share affiliate links on your social profiles, pages, blogs and groups because that is just unprofessional. Which is why it is so important to have your own websites, blogs and email lists because those are the kind of links successful affiliate marketers will share. Social posting, like making money online is a precise science that favors preparation. You must give your reader and/or audience reason to trust you, by providing the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Viral marketing is pretty much an analytic game, and also the reason why success takes so much time. It’s kind of like building a machine, and assembling it by placing all the right parts in the right sequence with the right timing.

5 Main Attributes of a Successful Blogger

Above all other attributes to have in order to be a successful blogger, first you must have a passion for what you do. Once you have mastered that, you will never have to sales pitch anything again…ever. Your passion will result in better engagement with your audience, but more importantly your content will be helpful and informative. Blogging must only be used to share and inspire, not so much the sales.

Every successful blogger is constantly reviewing and testing different methods and tactics, this is time consuming. They do this in order to establish what actually works, so they can share with their readers. Which is why you must have a passion for what you do, because them time is no longer a factor.

A serious blogger always have resourceful fresh ideas based on their own trial and error, because your blog must be captivating and resourceful. Strive for getting both regular and new visitors because this way you will increase your blog visitor/view ration. You want your views to be more than your visitors, because that means returning visitors. Your blog must be unique and appealing, only then will this ration increase.

Successful bloggers will always be testing and researching new traffic driving ideas, methods and tactics to get the best targeted exposure. Most serious bloggers make use of methods like writing articles, eBooks and publishing their own websites. Content will direct your visitor to your blog and even web form, then to your website and eventually ending up on your sales page. Successful bloggers will research the page rank of a particular site before commenting or posting any content, including online publishers.

A serious blogger refuses to give up and regardless the conversion they just keep going, researching and posting. A serious blogger, most of the time also have some great writing skill which they learned over a long period of time. A successful blogger actually doesn’t know how to give up, and neither does a successful affiliate marketer. They are also not in a hurry, and realise the importance of time sacrifice.

If you possess these qualities, then you may be ready to start your own blog and comfortably surprise your audience. Be moderate, be precise but above all you must be professional. Never turn your blog into a tsunami of sales frenzy posts, and refrain from sharing raw affiliate links. You must only share links to your own website and email list landing pages and web forms.

The most important keys to having a responsive blog audience is interesting useful content, moderation, timing, and relevant audience. Be precise, and be objective when you set realistic goals.

The 5 Steps To A Champion Blog

Valued Reader,

In my opinion there are 5 crucial steps to creating and launching a Champion Blog, as a Professional writer. And it’s basically not all that complicated, but it is extremely time consuming and precisely why there is such a tiny margin of success. A measly 3 – 5% of all Affiliate Marketers actually succeed to generate life changing kind of money online, and the primary reason is not being an internet guru. Quite the contrary because these guys just refused to give up, which resulted in sacrificing the right amount of time needed to succeed.

The “How Long” it takes to make money online depends on only one person, yourself. Your level of dedication ultimately determine your level of success. So that said let’s take a look at those 5 steps, shall we?

Niche, Keywords, Product, Hosting, and Content in that order is a good way to start;

Niche – Now this one is where many newbies lose track, or rather overlook this crucial step by being misdirected. Your Niche is the most important part of your online efforts, and it’s one of the best ways to get recognised as a Professional. And it’s basically anything you love doing, actually it should preferably be something you love doing. This is how it will make it a lot easier when you get to content creation and product knowledge.

This is an extremely option packed exercise, and you must give it much thought. Think of that One Thing you have some experience with. Regardless how little you consider your experience to be, somewhere there is and someone that is struggling to do something you already did. Now this is not a choice anyone else can make for you, and you must take your time deciding.

Allow me to demonstrate. Back when I got started, this was exactly where I went wrong. And amid all the warnings from professionals and advice, I too was chasing that button that turns your PC into an ATM. It’s frustrating how long it takes to realize, and accept the fact that it is not going to happen. I should’ve started with Blogging and S.E.O back then, but it all seemed way too technical at the time, when in fact it really isn’t all that complicated. I chose the marketing niche, because the logic behind the method of making money online fascinates me. This same fascination drives me to endless research, and loving content creation.

To my surprise I found that all those failures and nights of research had me build an arsenal of knowledge within my niche “Online Marketing”. The Blogging and S.E.O fits in perfectly because it is the most common need within the Niche, which is Traffic. And Nothing on Earth drives volume and quality like Search Engine Optimization. Which is why a Blog is the better choice because Google loves Fresh Content.

See how this all fit together? Discover that One Thing inside you that drives you and pursue it, that thing that fascinates you.

Keywords – Now that you have established your direction, you are ready to start that journey to where there is no final destination. Determine which keywords would best describe your niche, and check search volumes and competition on those keywords. If you’re going to start a Blog, then try to keep your competition low. On the “Tools I Use” page you will have access to all these free tools and how to use them.

When you know the search volumes, then you can use these keywords or rather should use these keywords throughout your content creation and design. Your Keyword and/or Keyword Phrases must make up part of your domain name, site title and description.

This is how you basically get your Blog to actually Rank in Google, because it places your Google Rating in a supreme bracket. There are three different kinds of keyword research categories, Short Tail, Long Tail and Keyword Phrases or Anchor text.

This is just the basic ideas around keywords and to best understand the placement of these, just consider the following;

Short Tail Keywords can be used in your Domain name but try to keep it as short and to the point as possible. Single keywords used in a combination works well but try to keep it down to a maximum of three combined keywords to make up a Domain. You have Long Tail keywords which is normally two or three keywords like “Online Marketing” for instance. Long tail keywords should be used in your Site Title and H1 heading. Anchor Text should be used in your H2 headings and even post titles. Now anchor text is like a search phrase, something like “How to Do Online Marketing”.

Anchor Text is a good example of the difference between targeted visitors, and Laser targeted Visitors. When an anchor text is entered into a browser for a search, it is most likely a person ready to purchase something specific they are looking for. This is the basic tactic behind driving Buyer Traffic.

Product – Now you have your Niche, researched some keywords and you know exactly where you’re going. It comes highly recommended to bookmark and create folders for all your online tools and content. Place everything in folders because you must crate order from the word “Go!” Now there are various ways of doing product research, I recommend using This Product Research Tool combined with your keywords and niche. The tool allows you to search based on those statistics.

Identify a common need within your niche, and search for products that will be a suitable solution. Remember, it’s all about identifying a need and offering a solution. You need to choose a product that you want to personally use as an affiliate marketer, and actually purchase and test that product. Be sure that the product offer what professionals call a “Back Door”, kind of like a safety net for your visitor in the form of a Full Money back Guarantee.

With affiliate marketing you must focus on Digital Products like Systems, Software and EBooks. When it is Software or a System you choose, then test it to its full potential and do not give up half way through. You Need the Product knowledge before you start your Blog. In the event of you choosing an EBook, then read the entire EBook but more importantly understand the Content and the system for that matter.

Hosting – My Hosting suggestion, I must admit it to be my personal favourite method but I also know its simplicity and authenticity. Choosing a hosting platform like Blue Host allows you the option of installing WordPress as your Blog Builder. This also allows you to add plugins and things like favicons which will boost your Google Rating tremendously. We’re talking Google Ratings of 85% and Up on A Brand New Blog. You can access your Blue Host account from the banners to the right of the posts on this particular Blog.

Now you have to walk through your Domain Setup, do not rush this and use your keywords wisely when selecting. You may have to shuffle and change keywords repeatedly before a domain might be available. Just keep going but make the right choice because your Domain is where it all starts with Search Engine Optimization.

Content – This is why you actually have to test the Product or Products you wish to promote through your Blog as an Affiliate Marketer. There is no better converting content than fresh, relevant and useful content. You need to let your visitor know what the product can do and why it is the solution they are looking for.

Creating content involves Article Writing, Social Bookmarking, EBooks, and even publishing. Content is also responsible for engaging Social networking posts. And also for all this, you can access all the tools you need from this Blog’s “Tools I Use” page.

Write your content with the same fascination that fuels your dream, write because you love writing and sharing information and not because you’re trying to generate a sale.

If you need any help with these steps, let’s start a conversation in the Comments.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie