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Next we're going to take a look at leveraging Google Page Rank for Targeted Website Traffic, by means of commenting and posting. Commenting and Posting is also dependent on your knowledge in order to attract your audience's attention. The key is not only to share valuable content, but it's also important to know exactly who and/or where you share your content. Many fall victim to commenting and posting on sites that are not even Indexed in Google yet, let alone Ranking. In order for a site to Rank, it firs has to be Indexed.

Good news is, there is a tool Google gives you to check on a particular Blog, Forum or Website Information. Like the Keyword Planner Tool from the first post, the Google Page Rank Checker is a Free Tool provided to use at your leisure. Now there is a few secrets to obtaining the best search results, which are as follows;

When you copy a URL into the Google Page rank Checker - Then you want to ensure you only copy the Primary Domain. This means the URL must end in (.)com, (.)info, (.)org (.)net, (.)co to name a few examples. You may often find the (.)com or any alternative to be followed by the forward slash, and then some test like (.)com/admin, (.)com/support, (.)com/info. Always discard everything after the forward slash. A Primary Domain always starts with http://(Domain)(.)com

Some domains may start with https, instead of http. In which case you need to remove the "s" in https, or you may get the wrong search result. When a site is Not Indexed, the search result will open a warning window listing some of the reasons its not yet indexed. When a site is indexed in Google, but not yet Ranking then you will have a search result of 0/10. When a Site has been indexed and are ranking you will get a search result out of a possible ten like 6/10.

Making Money With Google have many different tools and tactics that need to be carefully combined, and placed in the right sequence. Now Use This Knowledge to search for Blogs and Forums to Comment on and create bookmarks for the high ranking and indexed sites within your niche. Create folders so you know what you will be commenting and posting about, because creating order will help with your tracking tactics later.

You Need A Tracking Tool – Which can be found with sites like Hitstats, simply search your browser. Then register your free account and follow the easy steps to load the html code to your site, preferably in a text widget. Been using this little tool for a long time and must say that it’s quite accurate. Best part, it’s not going to cost you anything especially if you’re just getting started. Rather use your online budget for things like hosting, domains and email auto responder.

That is how you check the traffic to your own domain, but when you’re building back links you also want to know both the quality and quantity of visitors to the other site. This is where another free tool works great, it’s called Symilarweb. Only no code to install to your blog cPanel, simply enter the URL you wish to check traffic on in the search window and search.

Once you have established site quantity and quality of visitors, you also want to ensure the site is at least indexed in Google if not ranking. For this you simply use the Google PR Checker tool, which you can also access by simply searching your browser for those keywords.

But, when you do check on a site’s page rank with Google PR Checker then you want to only include the http protocol when entering the domain in the section provided. If a particular site has https protocol enabled, simply remove the “s” as this will interfere with the result and you may lose out on some high ranking sites.

Next you must target your Keywords – Using tools like Drop My Link or Put My Link. Just create yet another free account with Drop My Link, or use Put My Link (Which requires no Sign Up) so you can search for the sites directly relevant to your own. Once inside, you will have two options;

With Drop My Link – You will notice the window to enter your Keyword, and beneath it you will see Category and Footprint. You can play around with the different categories, but let’s just use “Comment backlinks” for the purpose of this demonstration. Comment backlinks is where the comment window allows you a space to enter your website URL. And this must be the URL to your own blog and a domain you own. Never put any link in the actual comment section, just the way professionals do it. Only include a link when the comment section allows you to do so.

Then there’s the Footprint which for the purpose of this article let’s just go with Comment Luv Premium. Nope, nothing to purchase here, you’ll be introduced to the sites that use the Comment Luv Premium Plugin. It will even allow you to include a link to one of your latest posts, great plugin for comment backlinks. With the Footprint, I also suggest test the different options.

Rotate the options between Category and Footprint for different search results while choosing different keywords directly related to your own blog.

Some of the alternatives include sites that use disquss and gravatar for their comments sections. A good example of such a site is Social Media Examiner, which receives Millions of visitors. This only mean you must create your profile on these sites, but as complete as possible with a link to your blog in that profile.

With Put My Link – You don’t have to create a free account, you can just go ahead and enter your keyword, and the Find section is much like the Footprint section with Drop My Link. Search your different options and find the best results.

Keep Track of where you Comment – Keep track of your comments activity by choosing the option to be notified by email of follow up comments. And also create a folder in your browser to save all the bookmarks to the sites you choose to comment on. Perhaps create sub folders and categorize your comment sites between Blogs, websites and Forums. Don’t just comment and close the window to move on to the next site, bookmark each and every site you comment on.


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