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There are 3 Basic Sequential steps to actually Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing, Starting with having your own Blog. Your Blog is your viral Salesman with Affiliate Marketing and also the best way to drive Google Traffic to generate online sales and earn commissions as high as 75%. Your Blog is where you Cloak Affiliate Links and install SEO Plugins to help your Blog Rank in Google a Lot Faster.

It is important to have your own dedicated domain with hosting, because a free blog is virtually impossible to Rank because it is a domain within a domain. To Increase the Blog Ranking Capability in Google you simply must have your own Domain.

There are many ways of starting a Blog, but the sequence that you follow is most important. If you do not target the relevant Keywords and Search Phrases in the Right Positions, your Traffic will be quite slow and Online Sales near impossible.

You can start your Blog Today, right here the right way by signing up for the Google Sniper Training Program. This will take you from creating your Free Click-Bank Account as an Affiliate to launching your First Targeted Blog, indexing it in Google and start ranking for the Search Phrases you use.

This Video Training is what you need to guide you through the technicalities of Blogging, understanding Plugins and Keyword Research along with Placement. What I particularly enjoyed about this Training Program is the Simplicity and conclusive Guidance through the Video Series.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Today

Basically you need your Affiliate Platform (ClickBank) to access the right products to promote, you need your own Blog and also your own Email List. Now whether you already have a Blog or not, you will still also need an Email List, and you may want to go with Get Response.

Been using them for years and you will also get a 30 day Free Trial, to get to know your way around the dashboard. Get Response also offers you a 90 Day intensive List Building Course taking you from Landing Pages to Web Forms, From Newsletter Creation to Auto Responder Email Messages.

A successful Email List is worth an average of One Dollar per Subscriber, providing your Subscribers are targeted, which you will learn about in the Free 90 Day Email List Building Course.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Email List Today

Digital Marketing is growing at a phenomenal rate, which is why you need this kind of Google Traffic and Affiliate Marketing Training to get Started and Stay Ahead of the Competition.

Affiliate Marketing is a derivative of Digital and Online Marketing where you promote other people’s products and earn a commission. The particular method discussed in this page involve promoting Click-Bank Products within any Niche you can think of. From dieting to hobbies, weight loss, making money online, and gaming to writing, online jobs and many more.

Even though this Page provide you with the Best Tools to Make Money Blogging and Driving Google Traffic, it is still Tools and any tool only works as good as the person using it. Do not rush in an attempt to “Make Money Faster”, it’s not going to happen. You will only get lost in an Ocean of information overload so best to follow the Training Videos precisely, and watch them a Hundred times over but be sure you understand the process. You need to understand the “Why” you perform a certain task, because that will allow you to understand the Logic.

A Little Email List Building Secret with Facebook

We All Use Facebook right, but there’s a lot more to Facebook than just the Personal Issues and Drama. All you need for this to work and gain email list subscribers, is Facebook Pages. Create Facebook Pages within your Niche, and add a Subscribe Button for each Page Then simply redirect the “Sign Up” button under “Contact You” to your Email List Landing Page. See why the 90 Day Email List Building course is necessary?

The Facebook page is also where you share your Blog Posts and Videos, because Facebook wants a piece of the YouTube Action. Facebook wants you to upload your videos, and when targeted right this will make your Facebook Page really attractive.

Affiliate Marketing with Google Sniper Secrets

As with YouTube, when you share a Video on Facebook focus on your Title, Description and Tags (Which you will also learn about in the Google Sniper) to be categorized correctly.

How long it will take you to Actually Make Money

Even with the Best tools as provided to you on this page, the How Long is entirely up to you. This depend on how long it will take you to understand the process and follow the steps correctly, the effort you put is what you get out in results.

Understand that you are working toward a Goal, to end up Making Money on the Internet. Anyone promising you Riches within a few days is Blatantly Lying to You, and the results you see in the Google Sniper takes Months and even Years to Complete.

If you’re still looking for that Magic Button that turns your PC into a Bottomless ATM, then these methods may not be what you’re looking for.

But if you’re prepared to pay attention, learn the process and really work hard then you are ready to actually make Money as an Affiliate Marketer. With a Mind Set to work toward One Goal at a time you will succeed with Affiliate Marketing.

What you need to do now to Make Money Online

All you need to do now to Start your Journey to Make Money Online is to sign up for the Google Sniper Training (Start Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Today) above, and create your Free Get Response account (Start Your Affiliate Marketing Email List Today).

Please start with the Google Sniper Training so you can have your own Blog first, because that is what you will build your Online Business on. Your Blog is your Corner Stone on which Online Empires are build, the rest are just Bonus Tools and Tricks.

With this you will have the 3 most important steps of Affiliate Marketing covered, your Affiliate Platform and your own Blog with your own Email List.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

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