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Target your audience when Blogging because it is the only way you will actually have conversion and a response. You must also research and identify a common need within your Niche, because addressing that need and offering a solution is the key to sales conversion. Making money online is not rocket science, but it is a science that favors preparation, moderation and timing. When you Blog you must inspire your audience by sharing ideas and engaging your visitors, you must Never turn your Blog into a desperate sales frenzy.

Do proper niche research, target and create your keyword rich content accordingly. It is your content that will inspire interest in your visitor, because they will want to know more and that is the key to building a reputation online. Your Content is what will be responsible for a visitor that turns into a buyer. When Your Content is useful, relevant and interesting then your visitors will return and even most likely subscribe to your Blog Feed. When you target your audience, it simply means they will most probably be interested in what you are selling. And you have to establish the best keywords within your Niche. Like this Article, I am targeting the Keywords; “Target, Blogging, Blog, Money and Audience”. These keywords combined are searched 24 Million times on Google per Month and they all have a Low Competition.

You will notice the keywords present in the Post Title, Throughout the article content and even one keyword in the Blog Domain – “Money”. But that’s just the basics of keyword targeting, and should give you a good idea of keyword rich content. However, you may find it challenging to constantly create multiple keyword content. In that case, you can even target a single keyword, long tail keyword and anchor text at a time.

The secret is to research the keyword within your niche that has a Huge Search Volume, and a low competition rate. Do that, and your content and results should turn out just fine. And if all this sound a little complicated, then your best next step will be To Learn More About Targeting, S.E.O & WordPress. Search Engine optimization is still the undefeated champion and will target your audience superbly.

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Deon Christie

Deon Christie

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