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Next we’re going to take a look at leveraging Google Page Rank for Targeted Website Traffic, by means of commenting and posting. Commenting and Posting is also dependent on your knowledge in order to attract your audience’s attention. The key is not only to share valuable content, but it’s also important to know exactly who and/or where you share your content. Many fall victim to commenting and posting on sites that are not even Indexed in Google yet, let alone Ranking. In order for a site to Rank, it firs has to be Indexed.

Good news is, there is a tool Google gives you to check on a particular Blog, Forum or Website Information. Like the Keyword Planner Tool from the first post, the Google Page Rank Checker is a Free Tool provided to use at your leisure. Now there is a few secrets to obtaining the best search results, which are as follows;

When you copy a URL into the Google Page rank Checker – Then you want to ensure you only copy the Primary Domain. This means the URL must end in (.)com, (.)info, (.)org (.)net, (.)co to name a few examples. You may often find the (.)com or any alternative to be followed by the forward slash, and then some test like (.)com/admin, (.)com/support, (.)com/info. Always discard everything after the forward slash. A Primary Domain always starts with http://(Domain)(.)com

Some domains may start with https, instead of http. In which case you need to remove the “s” in https, or you may get the wrong search result. When a site is Not Indexed, the search result will open a warning window listing some of the reasons its not yet indexed. When a site is indexed in Google, but not yet Ranking then you will have a search result of 0/10. When a Site has been indexed and are ranking you will get a search result out of a possible ten like 6/10.

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Making Money With Google have many different tools and tactics that need to be carefully combined, and placed in the right sequence. Now Use This Knowledge to search for Blogs and Forums to Comment on and create bookmarks for the high ranking and indexed sites within your niche. Create folders so you know what you will be commenting and posting about, because creating order will help with your tracking tactics later.

See you in the next post, where we will discuss some social networking and posting secrets for optimized conversion. We will look at how to establish best times and days to engage your audiences.

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