The Simplicity of Professional Affiliate Link Cloaking

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Professional Affiliate Link Cloaking is done by working Through your Hosting Platform where you have to install WordPress as your Builder. The WordPress Builder is extremely newbie friendly, and also where you will install Widgets and Plugins on your Website and/or Blog. Now the purpose of Widgets and Plugins is to Optimize your Content and direct your visitor. It also makes your site professional, and classifies it accordingly. It’s the easiest way to optimize your keywords and categories, Cloaking your affiliate links, gain followers to your social profiles and much more.

What is the difference between a Widget and a Plugin?

What is a Widget? – A Widget is what you mostly see on a side bar and include options like social following buttons and web-forms. Favorite widgets also include the search option on your site, recent comments and recent posts. Meta tags and Archives are also widgets used by most successful affiliate marketers. Widgets acts kind of like a guide for your visitor to view the different options provided on your Website and/or Blog.

What is a Plugin? – A Plugin is mostly a tool that runs in the background that helps with things like S.E.O and faster page rank in Google. It’s also responsible for your visitor tracking and analytic results, so you can track and optimize your visitors. A Plugin is also the professional way of cloaking your affiliate links by linking them with your primary domain. So, instead of seeing an affiliate link, the Google Spider sees a Sub-Domain to your Primary Domain which is more likely to be favored. An excellent Link Cloaking Plugin is Pretty Link Lite, and not only does it cloak your link. It also provides you with analytic results so you can see all clicks and unique visitors, this way you can determine the affiliate offer most loved by your audience.

Learn From George Brown And The Google Sniper Program To Blog Like A real Professional

Google Sniper 3.0

But, all this can sound pretty confusing when you just get started. You can do all this yourself or, You Can Let A Professional Webmaster Do It For You. This is also an excellent option, because you can have someone build your Empire For You, while you learn to do it all yourself.

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Deon Christie

Deon Christie is an Aspiring Writer, Professional WordPress blogger and successful Affiliate Marketer since 2012 with extensive SEO knowledge. Familiar with Digital Sales and Affiliate Platforms like ClickBank, ClickSure, ClickBetter, Amazon, and JV Zoo. With ClickBank as both Affiliate Marketer and Vendor after first Product launch in 2016 Received the Diamond Expert Author certification from My E-Zine Articles Dot Com with work Published and featured on sites like Medium, Quora, Hub-Pages, Mashable, Digital Doughnut and Blogarama. Social Networking skills include all major Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, Google+ and StumbleUpon (And the list goes On)

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