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Now we all know that Google and Facebook had become the two Traffic Giants followed by YouTube. And with good reason, because we’re talking Billions of Unique monthly Visitors from the Two Giants Combined. However, wouldn’t you agree that we may have been neglecting Twitter and LinkedIn just a little?

They may not be as Huge as Facebook and Google…Yet, but trust me they are working on it! The “Trick” is to link your social profiles so when you Tweet or Re-Tweet on Twitter, it then automatically shares on sites like Facebook. The same goes for LinkedIn, when you post on this social site, it too will automatically be shared.

That is why This Twitter Plugin is so Valuable, and you can see it in Action with the Tweetable Content at the top of this Post. It’s just One of many Methods and tactics used by all Successful Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.

There is also another Important Aspect often overlooked with devastating results rendering most social profiles almost entirely dormant. Your Social Profile.

You must Never be a faceless profile, or even a picture of you beloved cat. I too love my cat very much but it doesn’t change the fact that she (Bast) is Not the one Posting On My Profiles, I am. The professional way is to have a full frontal picture of yourself, kind of like a passport photo, because audiences enjoy connecting if they see a person.

Complete Your Bio, and add your projects and interests. Get your social profile as professionally complete as you possibly can because that is how you get recognized as a Professional. This also applies to your Blog, allow your audience the assurance that you’re real and offer them the solutions they are looking for.

As for your Blog, WordPress and Search Engine Optimization You may Want To Take A Look At This Training. Best Blogging Guidance I have seen on the Internet to Date, and I have tested more programs and products than I care to remember.

Allow me to place exclamation on the fact that these are Tools And Training, none of these are Magic Buttons that will turn your PC into an ATM. There is nothing like that in existence, and I know because i used to be a lead contender in the race to find that illusive “Magic Button”.

Making Money Online is an Art, and it is a combination of Methods, Tactics, Programs and Tools that form part of a much larger machine.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie

Deon Christie

Successful Affiliate Marketer and Professional Blogger with an advanced love for and knowledge of WordPress and Google. Published Author and Expert Writer of several eBooks and Articles. Social Networking and Email List Building Fanatic.

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