Who Says You Need A Website or Blog?

Dear Reader,

Truth be told, I think every Successful Affiliate Marketer will agree on the Necessity of having your own Website, but Preferably A Blog. Not a Free Website and Blog, but a Paid and dedicated Domain where you target the Keywords you wish to Rank for in Google. Your Personal Website and Blog allows you the ability to leverage Google for Thousands of targeted Visitors.

As an Affiliate marketer, you never promote Raw Affiliate Links, not if you want to get Recognized as A Professional. Your Affiliate Products are Promoted on Your Blog, where it can be professionally cloaked and shortened by means of WordPress Plugins. Using the Right Plugins will Allow you to Cloak Affiliate Links by linking them to the Primary Domain. This way the Search Engines no longer see an Affiliate link, they see a Dedicated Domain.

Blogging is the Favorite, Because of it’s Exponential Exposure capabilities. With a Website, you have One Domain to work with. With A Blog, providing you have installed the right S.E.O Plugins you can Index each Post as an Individual Site. This also works well with building High Quality Back Links when Pinging the URL.

With Social Bookmarking, the same tactics are applied as with Site Pings. Instead of One URL Bookmark, each Individual Post is an Extra Social Bookmark to the Same Blog. See where this is going as far as Traffic is Concerned?

Sometimes the simplest of adjustment to your strategy, can deliver most unexpected results. WordPress Plugins are extremely valuable little goldmines, When You Combine Plugins With Widgets, the results is even More Exponential.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie

Deon Christie

Successful Affiliate Marketer and Professional Blogger with an advanced love for and knowledge of WordPress and Google. Published Author and Expert Writer of several eBooks and Articles. Social Networking and Email List Building Fanatic.

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