How Twitter Will Boost Your WordPress

Dear Reader, 

Twitter is becoming more and more favorable among successful affiliate marketers because of it’s exposure capability when leveraged correctly. The actual key to Twitter, is just to convince other people to Re Tweet your content. People are more open to the idea of sharing inspirational and useful content with their Twitter Followers.

This will then lead to their Followers doing the same, thus increasing your Re Tweets exponentially over a period of time. You may have noticed the Twitter Tweet Share block at the top of each post on this particular Blog and the post you are reading. This is all done with a Plugin I’m using, and when your readers share that tweet they are effectively sharing the blog post.

Neat, right? best part is that you don’t even need to include a link in the tweet Box, because the Plugin does all that “Back Linking” for you. This plugin was designed by a good friend of mine Nick Churick, whom I also met while inquiring about this Plugin before adding it to my WordPress.

It’s surely a worth while addition to my blog, and hopefully also to your blog. But it is a tool, and any tool only works as well as the person using it. If you do get stuck, Nick will be delighted to guide you through, like he’s done for me.

And no, you will not be imposing on anyone’s content or get suspended by Twitter or any other Social Platform. Your Share Box does not provide over promotional content and a tsunami of Hash Tags or URLs, just original inspirational Tweets that will be loved by your audience.

The Plugin I Use Is Called TweeDis, all part of a larger picture. If you want your Blog to actually Rank In Google then you will test a lot of Plugins, Tactics and Methods. Personally I share only Tactics, Methods and Tools I personally use, it does wonders for my branding and annihilate my refund rate.

It’s all about Product Knowledge, because that is how you end up creating useful and converting content. Let me know how this works for you.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie


  1. I haven’t used that particular plugin before. Thanks for the tip! I would appreciate having a “Click to Tweet” feature on my blog posts. I personally share them all the time when I see them.

    1. Hi Jula, and welcome to my Blog. It’s a great plugin I can tell you that, and one of my best investments. Just let me know if you need help with installation etc. There are some things I have learned outside the tutorial of the actual plugin. I have a very inquisitive mind, that had me discover many a “Secret” online. Hope to see you more often?

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